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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 01:34 pm
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The photo gallery has been added to our forums.  You must be registered and logged in to upload or view other member photos.  You can access the gallery feature in the menu box at left (right under the pm's box).


You can upload up to 5 images at a time.  Max size is 640 x 480 and up to 700KB. A caption (Comment/Name) can be added to each image if you like.  GIF, JPG, and PNG files can be uploaded. When one of you members uploads a photo, a folder is created which is exclusive to that member. This is where the images are stored, there is a database table to link the files to a user, but the images are stored as files and not in the database.

Viewing: You must be logged in to view images.

Members can select whether they wish to view their own photos, a particular members photos or all the photos, they can also select the number of thumbnails to display per page. The number of thumbnails per page is selected from the dropdown box in the top right, this is then stored in a cookie for future reference.

Choosing a letter from the top bar will show all members whose member name begins with that letter, and instructions on how to view their gallery.

Adding photos to posts:  Once you have images uploaded to your gallery, you can then add  these photos to your posts.  In the small menu bar on top of the post page, you will see a new icon, G, at the upper right.  Click the icon and add your photos to your post.

We'll amplify and clarify the instructions as we gain experience with the gallery.



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