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 Posted: Wed Apr 14th, 2010 09:16 pm
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Hell Bart, I worked for Cortez Explorer 15 years ago, and I do remember the ferry was marked many times from Club Med people but the fishing pangas were stealing every time, so didn't work. Unfortunally the fishermans are not in this side of the tourist  business and conservation and they think different than us. Our idea for now is to remove the nets and make the dive safer at the Poseidon, when our crew went to dive to the boat, the visibility and conditions were ugly, we will do an other trip soon and take more pictures and video of the boat than we will present to CEDES (Ecology and Conservation of Sonora) and we will go from that. Our first idea was to open a bank account to collect founds, invite to the other dive shops to run trip to poseidon┬┤s and use part of this money toward poseidon proyect but the chief of CEDES is really friend of my family and he offer his help, of course like everything in the government, takes time and a lot paper work, next week I will be able to see if this will really happens, if not, than we will go for the plan that I already mentioned and of course we will need everybody┬┤s help.