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 Posted: Thu Mar 25th, 2010 05:18 am
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Hello Feliza and all who have responded to this post. I was the owner of Poseidon's Mistress and have just been informed of her discovery. It was a very sad day when I, in the US at the time, was told that she was going down. I was supposed to be on that trip, but rearranged my schedule at the request of the previous dive group. In spite of the circumstances that the passengers had to go though, I was relived to know they all had the strength to get to shore or were rescued. God was watching them that day. I subsequently made attempts to locate the boat, but to no avail. One of the the skiffs managed to float to Bahia Kino, where two of the on-board kayaks ended up as well. I still have the life-ring that was stationed on the side of the vessel, and that's the only tangible thing I have to remind me of that great dive boat and her adventures.

I had given up hope of the boat ever being found years ago, and was hopeful that it would become a great dive spot for a good wreck dive. At least that has come true. I hope I can someday visit her again. She has many stories to tell if you listen carefully when you visit...

And for those of you who did have the privilege of visiting, I remember you. I kept all the visitor logs. And notes. Lots of notes!!! :-D

Barb Wilson