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 Posted: Wed Mar 10th, 2010 04:05 pm
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Mesa, is absolutely correct: I'm not aware of any "trails" similar to the US, but there are many places to hike. Here are three of them:

1/Nacapule Canyon...georgeous scenery, and mostly a walk up the boulder strewn riverbed. There used to be somewhat of a trail that was destroyed with the floods of Hurricane Jimena.

2/"the Waterfall"...perhaps a 45 minute hike. This is a little difficult to find without some guidance, but you must follow the road past two of the La Manga villages and then take a right turn which will put you up against a gate (was closed the last time we were there) of a ranch property. Walk through the ranch and you will find a guy who collects approx 50 pesos a person to hike up the side of the hill until you reach the waterfall. You will find more birds if you go early in the morning.

3/Tetakawi...a strenuous hike up the back side of our famous landmark. I haven't done it myself but I'm told the view is spectacular.

happy hiking...Dick