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 Posted: Wed Dec 2nd, 2009 04:19 pm
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1.  I have gone after fish to depths greater than 130' - I dive solo but I am trained and take the proper precautions to make safe dives.  I eat all the fish I catch and I only shoot fish that I want to eat.  Diving deep is the divers responsibility - Captains that I have spoken to in the past who wish to control the depth of the divers normally just go to shallow dive sites. 

2.  I don't have any problem with taking game while on Scuba although it IS illegal in Mexico to take ANY game on SCUBA.  What blows my mind is that Mexico would keep this ridiculous (seldom enforced) rule on the books but allow the locals to completely decimate the local waters.  I have been through areas around San Carlos that have been stripped of everything from fish, lobster, mussels, etc. - I hardly think scuba diving spearo's would have anywhere near the impact as the commercial fishermen.  Check out the "new" national parks around Loreto if you want to see the difference between the commercially fished areas vs natural habitat - its like night and day.

I'm curious to know if you think that fish KILL other fish or is it just humans that kill things?;)

Aquademia wrote:
I want to thank all of you for your replies and opinions on this very touchy subject.

the original blog was based on 2 questions that are compleately separate.

1.- what do you think of recreational divers, diving deeper than 130 feet, just for fun? who is liable here n case of an accident? the boat? the captan? the dive master? the instructor? no one?

2.- where do you stand on the fact of using SCUBA to catch and kill fish, lobster, crab, scaplops etc?

Vince, thanks so much for your reply on the fact that is ILIGAL to use SCUBA. I hope they read this posts.

I do eat fish, but I do follow all the good ethics on diving. not beacuse you will eat the fish it means you can use scuba to kill and catch all kind of animals.

I do imagine that 25 years ago that ocean was rich and amazing, but I do know people that is helping the people that started the killings long time ago, and they just dont learn, its like they want to empty the ocean as fast as possible. anyway, that is just me.

Safe and fun dive to all of you.