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 Posted: Fri Nov 13th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Vince Radice

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For everyones information Mexican fishing law states that you are not allowed to use a compressor or scuba tanks when you dive commerically for octopus scallops, clams lobsters, ect......

As you all know that law, just like Article 68 that protects sport fishing species such as dorado is never enforced here in Sonora or the greater Gulf.

What is needed are core zones of protection that commercial hoocha divers should not be allowed to harvest in.

I have been thinking about starting an NGO for the area that would work for this purpose, local state marine parks, a concept that simply doesnt exist here.

There are ANPs or Areas Naturales Protegidas such as the Estero del Soldado but there is no funding to manage the areas.