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 Posted: Wed Sep 23rd, 2009 12:52 am
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A couple of years ago, we crossed over by Tortuga to fish. The water was crystal clear that day. As I was trolling along, I saw a dark shape just below the surface ahead of us. I slowed down and drifted up on something I had only ever seen in pictures, but I knew immediately what it was - a basking shark. Not a whale shark, but a true basking shark, just cruising slowly through the water with its mouth (as big as a 55 gallon drum) wide open and straining plankton as it went. It was an incredible sight and I felt quite fortunate to have actual seen something I've only ever read about.

Also, we hooked a great white near San Jorge Island in Penasco about 12 years ago. I was fishing in a panga with an old Mexican captain and his young son. It bit the head of a sand bass and the Mexican kid brought it up slowly and gently on a handline; I don't even think it knew it was hooked. About 14 ft. long. It eyed us real good and bumped under the panga a couple of times, then threw its head and cut the mono handline and back to the depths it went. That kind of killed any desire of wanting to snorkel with the sea lions at the island!