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 Posted: Fri Aug 7th, 2009 08:42 pm
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Well, It´s August.  A little warm, I´ve heard, for the big game fish.  I´m hoping there will be plenty of good-eating fish though.  From what I´ve read, Triggers and Pargo are my best bet for now.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for renting a kayak?  I was planning on kayaking out to a few spots and trying to catch dinner.  I also need a new line for my speargun as it´s a little short for around here.  I can´t wait to get in the water.  The last few days have been spent in the dentists chair getting root canals, but the doctor gave me the go-ahead for bucear y pescar con arpon.  If anyone wants to show me around, would also be awesome.  I´ll be heading out early Saturday and Sunday.



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