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 Posted: Fri Jul 10th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Your questions are subject to differences in opinions, this is only mine and I respect that there's fish I'm not familiar with the best preparation of and tastes do vary.

The best spearfishing months are usually when the water is cooler, but not the best for visibility and other variables.

When the water is warmer, as in Aug, my favorite fish to shoot and eat, normally go deep with the cooler water or migrate and not to be found.

ie - Yellowtail, Pargo, Cabrilla, Grouper etc.

If you are into blue water spearfishing, you can shoot Dorado this time of year, which are delicious, but you're going to need a 60" Biller of equivalent, to have much success with those.

The locals like Trigger fish for Civeche and perhaps you might get some input from others on what else is worth hunting this time of year.

Good luck!