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 Posted: Thu Jul 2nd, 2009 12:10 am
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Susan C

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On Sunday -10 days ago a friend was diving off of a fish camp north of San Carlos when a shadow swallowed him.
(He had someone translate word for word his encounter).
He remembered it being a cloudless day when he dove and turned his head to find himself eye to eye with a 4meter long whale shark. He touched it and held it's tail and was pulled around a bit. He then said the whale shark swam in an arc and came right next to him and stopped. He then reached out and grabbed it's fin and it took him for a short ride. He has been diving for 20+ years and has never experienced anything like this. He said he has always noted how beautiful whalesharks are looking down on them from a boat but being next to them or even looking UP at them made him appreciate life more.
OK, so we lost a little in translation but wanted to share.