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 Posted: Wed Jan 14th, 2009 08:32 pm
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San Pedro Island used to have lots of hammerheads, especially at the South Point (usually lots of current, deep), but they were mostly fished out by the Chiapaneco shark fishermen who'd camp at La Manga in the early 90s.
I did get to see some in October 2007 at South Point. A school of about 6, quite large ones (6-10 ft).
It seems a few pods have returned and hang out at the South Point during October. Let's hope they don't get fished out.

Last non-hammerhead I saw diving at San Pedro was a dusky or silky on the West side, in less than 30ft of water. Circled us about 6 times, was about 8ft and thick.

Saw a small whaleshark at SP from the boat in 2003.