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 Posted: Tue Aug 5th, 2008 02:12 am
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Hey Acwaman, you live in San Carlos?  I would love to hook up some time so you could show me the ropes.  What kind of guns do you have and use? Its a shame about the sharks. I love sharks. Especially GW's but I do NOT want to see one!!! HA HA.  I saw a pretty big lemon shark in Vallarta while scuba diving about 5 yrs ago. But thats it.  I have never seen one since. When are you going to be spearfishing again? Who in San Carlos spearfishes that I could go with? So far no one has emailed me back. The only one that has emailed me is Dakota Dave. He sounds good, but in order to go with him I need to get some more people, so it wont be so expensive. Sounds like a nice guy though.