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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2007 01:12 am
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Trust me, I've never been there and yet if I could, I would be there right now. Meanwhile I am researching my options and shopping for a boat.

I telecommute too, but one day a week I am required to be in my office. I am hoping that will change this year but until then, I am stuck stateside 50 out of 52 weeks. I'd love to winter in SC too, but alas I have responsibilities on the Polo grounds. Sorry, just kidding.

I should end this thread and begin a different one, but I'm just curious, are the moorage rates there as high as I read on another topic? $8-12/ft.???  Those are about the same as here and maybe higher unless I missed something. Are your slips wired for broadband like they are here?
Here in Puget Sound, it's moorage can be as low as  $2.50/ft (although that is probably for smaller boats), but the average is around $7 and the high is about 12.
Wow. Which of you dudes has connections or is rich and wants to build a marina? I'm thinking if they are getting those rates in Mexico, you guys need more capacity.