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 Posted: Sun Sep 23rd, 2007 09:07 pm
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Thank you all for your responses, once again.
I suppose I need to clear up one or two issues. The negativity I encountered came from other sites, local boat yards, and locally based boat transporters. I asked some very specific questions on a few web sites about hiring a surveyor, purchasing issues, etc, which I won't list here. One site, "" repeatedly rebuffed me and tended to avoid answering my questions. That site in particular has a couple of members who rule the roost and denegrade those who are new or not part of their inner circle. Another site, also refused to answer my questions and implied that they would not until I had listed my sailing resume first. Nuff said.
Regarding the local boat yards and transporters: after I volunteered my plans and the types of boats I was looking at, I got the impression that they (a) did not like the profession they were in, (b) did not want to answer general price range questions and (c) wanted to vent at me about all the problems that I would encounter and had a large amount of stored disgust for people who hadn't been through what they had been through.

Ok, that is the background.
Having received your responses, I feel that buying a boat in San Carlos would be a positive experience. Of that I have no doubt.

Where I am at now is I am realizing how hard it is to find people who are willing to help me with my other questions. (If I have the energy and stamina I can find my answers, I'm just pretty discouraged at this point.) I guess I might compare it to going into a ski shop asking what I need to do to plan a two week back country ski trip and only receive negative responses from the service providers as well as fellow skiing enthsusiasts. Normally you would think people would want to encourage you if they were in that business.