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 Posted: Sat Sep 15th, 2007 05:52 pm
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I for one, am really sorry to hear about the negative comments you've heard elsewhere about boat buying and ownership in Mexico.  From my own experience as the moderator of this board, a webmaster, a part time resident of San Carlos and a boat owner there, I think I can attest that most of those who would blow smoke at you about the experience have never been in Mexico or owned/used a boat here and have only got third hand horror story info that they pass as gospel.  To all of them i can only say Baloney, but in stronger non-PG 13 terms.

I'll give you a factoid-the two marinas in San Carlos have over 1,000 slips between them and there are also several hundred boats in the various storage areas in town.  So conservatively there are over 1500 boats and yachts in San Carlos, with probably the majority owned by Canadians and Americans.  Those people can't all be stoopid, can they?

Yes, San Carlos Yachts is an ad client so I do have an indirect interest in helping them promote their business.  My stong suggestion would be to make a trip down and meet the various brokers and ask around to other owners and make your own decision.