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 Posted: Sat Sep 15th, 2007 06:07 am
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Thank you all. Charlie, thank you as well.

I read a wonderful article on Latitude 38 which (in very useful detail) described a wonderful experience purchasing a boat in San Carlos.
To the rest of you my sense is you all had a favorable experiences regarding my question. Now whether you are all friends of Charlie or have a vested interest in promoting the local boat re-sale industry, I don't know. Frankly after dealing with stateside boat forums who have tried to belittle me about the idea, I don't much care anymore.

To my private messager, thank you. I liked your insight about how to find my own deal in Mexico, however due to the fact that you came up short offering some useable details and when you tried to find me a boat in Phoenix, all of a sudden I felt like you were trying to make some drug money. Maybe, I'm wrong but you don't instill confidance.

After doing research, trying to find out what it would cost to ship a boat to my neighborhood, what kind of storage I could find here and at what rate, and all the people who insulted me for even thinking about the idea, I have lost all hope.

I wish you all well, because you seem like a great community. I only wish I felt as positive about the sailing community in general. In the last month I have to admit, I have never in all my life (i'm 54), in any arena of any kind, met with as many rude, antagonistic people, intent on putting me down as I have in the sailing community on-line.
If it weren't for my love of sailing, after the last month I am tempted to support any legislation which would lead to abolish or limit any form of boating. Clearly, I am only now realizing that the sailing community has some great people, but also some of the lowest forms of human life included in its ranks.

I wish you all well, perhaps a cabin in Montana is a better fit for me.