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 Posted: Sat Jun 23rd, 2007 04:11 am
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Like Vince said, prevention is the key.  You NEED to wear at least rash guard or lycra.

But if you got stung, this is the First Aid for "Man-Of-War" sting.

Pick off any visible tentacles with tweezers, a gloved hand, stick, or anything handy, being careful to avoid further injury.

Rinse the sting thoroughly with seawater to remove any adhering tentacles.
Do Not apply Vineger
Vinegar causes discharge of nematocysts.

Man-of-wars belong to a different family than box jellyfish and therefore must be treated separately. Its really important to know what kind of jellyfish you got stung by.

3. Apply ice for pain control.

Some people are extremely sensitive to the venom. a few have allergic reactions and need to see a doctor.

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