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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2007 05:14 am
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Date: May 25, 2007   Location: San Antonio,  Lalos Cove
Weather: sunny   Water Temp: 77F-79F    Viz: 20-25ft
Departure: 0800am  Arrival: 0230pm

We went out with very nice family from Phoenix. Their youngest girl who is 12 years old completed her PADI Junior Open Water Diver course today. The rest of the family are all divers.

It was very sunny day and water was calm. Visibility was ok.
The dive site " San Antonio" has big shallow area(15ft) and rocky slope(15-30ft)and sand area(30ft+). We dove there with 2 tanks. When 2nd dive, the current were strong but the 12-year-old student swam very well against the current.
We saw lots of swimming stingrays, balloonfish, Cortez Damselfish. wrasse...

At Lalos Cove, very calm, no current. Big sandy area and rocky area.
We saw lots of fish egg(Damselfish) on the rocks. This time a year, you can see a lot of tiny fish babies, juvenile of many different kinds of fish.

If you are older than 10, you can be a certified diver !!

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