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 Posted: Sun May 20th, 2007 06:19 pm
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We get asked about posting photos quite often.  We have some settings in the board that limit photos by width and by total size of the file in bytes.  Those limits are 600 pixels wide and 102,400 bytes or 102 kb.  We ask that you do not exceed these so we are not s t r e t c hing the page to see your photo.  Photos that are too large may be deleted.

The problem comes in when the image comes out of the handy-dandy new digital camera that you used to take that great shot with.  Depending on the camera resolution setting, that picture might be really B  I  G and will not fit our parameters.
Now what?

If you have MS office it has a program called MS Office Picture Manager that will let you resize and reduce the pixel content, this reducing the file size.  You might also have MS Digital Image Suite on your computer. The Windows Picture Viewer will not let you edit the photo file.  Macs have a program called iPhoto  that will edit photo files.

Google has a free program called Picasa that you can download-have not tried it but looks pretty comprehensive and its free.

Other programs that will let you edit the photo files include:
-the program that came with your camera-first place to check
-lots of free photo editors online-do a Google search for Free Photo Editors and download one.
-online photo services-may have fees associated
-Photo editor programs like Paint Shop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, etc-these are usually not cheap.  BTW, I use Paint Shop Pro

You need to save the edited file on your computer (My Pictures, maybe) so you can browse to it and find it.  Link to that file in the browse screen below this window and presto, the photo will appear in your post.  You must add some text to the post to get it to work. 

Happy Posting!