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 Posted: Sat May 19th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Date: May 17, 2007   Location: Lighthouse (San Pedro Island)
Weather: clear and sunny   Water Temp: 75F    Viz: 60ft
Departure: 0830am  Arrival: 0230pm

We went to the island with 2divers and 2 snorkelers.
Bright sunny day with no wind. water was so calm.

On the way to the island, our captain found some dolphins and slow down the boat. we saw at least 20 of them. Some of them swam with our boat which was awesome!!! Plus, we saw a huge whale as well !  It was just one splash, but just a few feet away from our boat.

Diving at Lighthouse was awesome too. The water was so clear and sealions were so active on that day. At the beginning, we just stayed under the boat for 10-15min as lots of sealions were swimming around us. Also, we saw King Angelfish, Mexican Hogfish, a few kind of Morays, schooling Cortez Grunt, nudibranchs and lots more...

We decided to stay at Lighthouse for our 2nd dive since there are lots of stuff to see there. We always go out with small group and easy to arrange your trip.


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