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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2005 02:45 pm
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Mana is a way to rank members as they post.  If you like what the member has to say, you give them mana. :) Likewise if they say somethin stoopid, you can also take away mana you have given them.  :(

Those that have more mana will see the little icons light up in the mana line under the author box.

Here is the mana description from the admin guide:

What is Mana?
Ultrabb uses an advanced iterative algorithm to determine the most respected users. A user "adds mana" to other users she respects, and the more mana she has, the more the increase in recipients' manas. A user can also change her mind, and remove mana from someone to whom she added mana before. However, the more members a member adds mana to, the less the effect of those mana additions.

For example, let's assume that your mana is 3 out of 4. If you want to add mana to someone then you basically add him/her 3 points divided by the number of members to whom you added mana before. If you added mana to one member before, the amount of mana you would add is 3/(1+1)=1.5 points. This is a dynamic process. Whenever someone adds or removes mana, the manas of all members are calculated from scratch.

Finally, mana takes the normal distribution rule into account, and it gets increasingly accurate as you get more members.

Thanx for asking, Bill