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 Posted: Sun Feb 18th, 2007 02:52 pm
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I'm posting this here because it has fairly widespread application and is a technical matter, although it has nothing to do with operations of the message board.

I've had difficulty in the past trying to call Mexican cell phone numbers and now I know why.  The dialing sequence to reach these numbers has changed

To dial a Mexican cell phone internationally you must now dial a 1 after the country code and before the 10 digit number

Example 011-52-1-622-226-xxxx

To dial a Mexican cell phone locally, dial 044-622-226-xxxx as an example.  I have had no success doing this from my Cingular phone while in Mexico.  Think this only works from another Mexican cell phone or land line in Mexico.

To dial a Mexican cell phone as a long distance call within Mexico, dial 045-622-226-xxxx.  An alternate method may be to dial 011-52-622-226-xxxx.

I have not been able to try these last two methods yet within Mexico but will on my next visit. I need to know how I must dial a Mexican cell phone from my US cell phone while roaming.  If any have experience at doing this with a US cell phone, please post which works for you and which carrier you are using.  My suspicion is that I will have to dial as if I were in the US, ie, 011-52-1-622-226-xxxx.