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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 04:50 pm
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it's better to be cautious! my husband was burned across his whole back by an aquamala. he is a tough guy, but the burn looked like a large welt that stayed welted on his back for up to a week. He was in ALOT of pain, even with ice and medication and a trip to emergency. He couldn't work for two days. i was never worried about agua malas until I saw his welt. that same day a mother and her child were badly hurt too. it was a beautiful serene day with not a ripple on the ocean, and the water was unusually clear and beautiful. THAT was the day. Recipee for prevention: First, walk along the shore and look for aqua malas. if you see them, it's not a good day to swim without protection. If you don't see them, check and see if the tide is shifting to an incoming tide...then you need to be careful. That's how it happened to us. If you don't see them on the shore and it's an outgoing tide, you have nothing to worry about. But take precautions otherwise.