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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Matt Blair


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I'll get in touch with you next week and we can work out a plan to go after em.


I used to see a lot of octopus around San Carlos and now they are rarely sighted. I think it's because of all the "hooka" fisherman that seem to take everything. There used to be a lot of lobsters too. I don't even eat lobster or octopus in San Carlos anymore because I feel like I'd be a hippocrit and be supporting illegal fishing....not trying to start any sort of moral discussion here.  Each unto their own. I still eat dorado and I'm sure some of that is caught on illegal long lines. I'm not certain what the laws are for taking lobster, octopus, etc. while freediving.

And, thank you very much for serving and defending our country!