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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2007 04:17 pm
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Matt Blair


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Hi Vince,

How far out do you dive off of San Antonio point? I've always wanted to spearfish there, but it seems like the yellowtail move around so much that it might be hard to find them. That and sometimes there's 20 boats chasing the fish and I would hate to get hit (sometimes I wonder if they would make note of my bouy). The other thought is to chase boils and jump in when/if you're on top of them. Just curious if you've had success.

Are you going to be around in a couple of weeks? I'm headed down for a quick weekend and would love to get a couple of hours in the water. I'm fat, out of shape, afraid of cold water and holding my I need to get back into it and fish a bit for the Yellowtail Open.

By the way, the Yellowtail Open (Breath Hold Spearfishing) is on March 17th this year. I'll bring some flyers for you.

Adios, Matt