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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2007 04:20 am
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Mac N Cheese - freediving (spearing fish WITHOUT scuba gear) is perfectly legal in Mexico. I have the pleasure of knowing several freediving nuts. They dive on the reefs in Penasco and spear grouper. Another gentleman I have the pleasure of knowing, Todd Gadesh, has made the cover for the major freediving magazine more than once, holding up a 60 lb. white seabass he speared off of San Fransquito. I've also been on the boat when we've encountered  a big sargasso paddy and these same nuts all bailed over the side to shoot some dorado!

To each his own. Personally, after hooking up a great white off San Jorge Island while fishing, I do ALL my fishing from in the boat! :shock:

The technicality is indeed spearfishing while wearing tanks. That's a huge no-no. If you can hold your breath, go get 'em! :)