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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2006 05:43 pm
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Vince Radice

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The top of the ferry is around 40 feet and the bottom around 60, the props can go to almost 80. I am a riffe dealer and am getting ready to place an order so if you want a gun let me know. I out of stock on guns for the shop now and a would like a smaller gun for when I am just going after small reef fish in low viz conditions.  I like to use the the mid handle series and the hawaiin with a slip tip pick and a reel is my standard gun. I also have an Island with a reel for blue water sessions and deep water sessions at the wreck or island. Seeing marlin and bill fish in the water is always an incedible site, you have to just look for them, birds, boils you will know when you are in the zone. Let me know if you would like to place an order. I hope I can beat the deals you can get on ebay but a buddy of mine got a blue water gun last year for less than I get them for wholesale so there are sometimes some great deals on ebay.

hasta for now