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 Posted: Sat Dec 3rd, 2005 01:21 am
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Vince Radice

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Wow it is hard to believe that is our wreck since it looks nothing like that now. I have shot some nice Cabrilla and sierra on the wreck. I have seen some pretty good size cabrilla hanging out in the distance behind the propellors.  You can expect to find nice snappers as well along with tonnes of bait fish when the conditions are rightl I have also seen shcools of barracuda and skipjack. There was a spell last year when I shot a nice 15 pound cabrilla everytime I dove on it. I will try to remember the gps coordinates for you guys next time I go out to my boat. The biggest problem with the wreck is that the bone heads who were in charge of sinking it put it in about the worst place they could have. It is subjected to a strong current so you really have to live by the tide tables if you are going to have a good dive on it.

Thanks for the great picture!!!!!