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 Posted: Tue Sep 29th, 2020 04:03 pm
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Think the answer to your question can be found in these stats published today in the AZ Daily Star for Pima County, AZ.  Out of 25,445 cases, the breakdown by age shows this:
Less than 20 years old:  4393  17%
20-44 yrs old:  11,722  46%
45-54 yrs old: 3441  14%
55-64 yrs old: 2795  11%
65 + yrs old:  3004  12%

So what those numbers indicate is that young adults, college age and working folks are more likely to test positive and therefore become spreaders of the disease.  They are also going to be the most active in the community, both socially and professionally. 

While a disproportionate number of older folks die some of that can be attributed to other underlying medical issues and the vulnerability of just being older.  Breakout of deaths by age group was not displayed but there have been 622 in Pima County.

But if these proportions are consistent across the state and the nation, these numbers would show why authorities have had to resort to lockdowns and other preventative measures.