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 Posted: Mon Sep 28th, 2020 07:16 pm
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long time resident wrote: Will never happen. Too many people will not respect any requirements for wearing a mask, and I am tired of hearing people saying that their freedoms is being limited. What about the freedom of the rest of us, that do not want to be infected? Consideration goes a long way, but I have found MANY have absolutely no consideration because of the way they were brought up, or their beliefs that they have the right to do whatever they want. #!*^ the rest of us. Self absorbed people will be the ones that eventually will suffer the most, due to their reckless behavior.

Exactly, it only works if everyone will do it, and that's where leadership is critical by those in charge.  If you don't protect me, why should I protect you is logical thinking. If am am young and a Covid survivor or not, why should I bother with masks unless I pay a heavy fine?

I believe that Americans can pull together like other countries, and prolonging the high contagiousness of these new infections is hurting everyone's pocket book, except for the retired, and should be motivation enough before the cold weather colds and flu really hit us too. 

So I am still hopeful that the light will turn on.