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 Posted: Mon Jul 6th, 2020 07:59 pm
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I haven't seen any news that AMLO says its whipped.

I do see him trying to suggest you can go out to tourist locations, so there is no doubt he is giving a different message than his health guys, who are pitching doom and gloom to cover their butts, but he is still not as blatent as Agent Orange with his Hotels, Golf Course, and Relection swirling down his own toilet.

1/3 of Mexico income comes from tourisim, so this, the lower oil prices, and the high unemplyment are a triple whammy. Guess he is leaving today for Washinton, and saying that Mexico is in fine shape, no way he needs a loan, and meanwhile no relief for the business and small time street vendors he has shuttered.

The Sonoran Health minister, says he has had Covid for 5 days, and gave a very chipper news conference this morning, looking fine and dandy.

So believe it or not as its really a guessing game these days, imo.