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 Posted: Sat Jul 4th, 2020 02:14 am
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ANY working man or woman's job is essential, if it is necessary to pay the bills and feed the family. Pangueros are not recreational fishermen.

The difference in Mexico, as usual, is that the big fish swim in a different set of rules.

It's not that different in the US, but we did see some big fish ops shut down like airlines, auto assembly, agriculture, etc.

Some of them are not going to recover. There are airlines that have crushing debt loads, irrespective of any government bailouts. Will Ford survive as the last remaining, independent US automaker of the Big Four? Will the dwindling number of family farms be able to make it through this? The mom and pop retailers?

There is going to be big business changes, once we get through this virus (assuming we develop some type of vaccine). This situation favors the biggest of the big businesses.