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 Posted: Sun Apr 26th, 2020 12:14 am
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Hello San Carlos friends, wherever you may be!  As the joint effort from Castaway Kids, Rotary, San Carlos Community Church and Rescate continues, we're down to less than 24 hours for you to pick up a raffle ticket to benefit this tremendous effort. Tickets are $5, or feed a family of 4 for TWO WEEKS with a $25 donation and I'll enter TEN tickets for you! Donate at The prize list is posted at and thanks to our donors!   I'll announce winners throughout Monday's 4PM (7PM ET) Facebook Live show. While you're still "tuning in" a few minutes before that, Sam Rainwater will open with a song!  I've got new requests, new pics to show during songs, and with "technical difficulties" now fixed,  Rudy B will perform his "Ballad of Mark Mulligan"! (Sounds like a smash pop hit to me) Tune in on my page, and non FB users, you can now see replays on YouTube!     

 If pics like this having you missing "home", crack a beverage and join your San Carlos friends Monday!  Fun to see how everyone communicates via comments throughout the show!   Would you PLEASE forward this to a friend? Perhaps they'll join our efforts too! And muchas gracias to Seaside Realty for helping to make this happen. Hope all is well and look forward to singing for you Monday!   Mark

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