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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2020 09:31 pm
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Same thing is going on in New York as folks from infected high density areas travelled to their summer beach homes, infecting grocery stores while buying up the essentials that the locals didn't have a budget to stock up on.
My wife needs Chloroquinal for her existing problems, and Trumps announcement that this might help to alleviate some symptoms prompted people to clean out the pharmacies here. Nob's heading north did the same for themselves and took extra for friends and currently there isn't a box of 20 to be had in Sonora, but you can get on a waiting lists.

So, if you had Lupus and no medicine, how who you feel about a lot of tourists coming in from infected areas?

The border is not closed to essential traffic, carrying food, medical supplies, etc north and south. But it is closed to tourists. So I really can't blame the citizens of Nogales from getting frustrated and protecting their families for a month or so.

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