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 Posted: Wed Mar 25th, 2020 12:11 am
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 So far I am holding hope that things settle enough to get some more answers. 
Options as of now are to;
1. Run up to the 21 kilometer hoping there open and get another permit. 
2. Not worry about it as these are special times and circumstances as the solution could have more risk than benefit?
3. Follow CDC guidelines and stay put and practice social distancing?
4 Make a run for home, which for me runs me thru or near Tucson, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento and takes at least 2 days. 
Options 1, 2,or 3, are most likely as a run for Oregon(conditions there are worse than here)is off the table for now..
We're checking at Hermosillo airport as they should have a person to issue or stamp visas as planes arrive from out of country.. and if they could help us. not a lot of feedback yet but fingers crossed..