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 Posted: Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 07:54 pm
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 Update,  So far most of the agencies are scrambling to contain the virus. So much going on gringos on a 6 month or whatever amount of time tourist visa is not a priority I guess. In all fairness to worry I was here for 6 months last winter with no visa.. and 4 months in Hermosillo the winter before that. I had been pulled over only one time by a policia federal and only asked for a passport and wanted to see inside my Toyota. I opened every door and the trunk and after a quick look I was on my way. That was 50 miles north of Hermosillo on Mex. Auto pisa 15.  May 2018 I was also checked by the guys checking for illegally imported cars? Wanted passport, License, registration, and even matched up vin numbers, but never asked about a visa?  My Gals still checking Immigration resources but she said that they really haven't had time to address this issue. We will continue checking. There is a immigration office in Guaymas near the Burger King. I will go by there tomorrow early as they close at 1pm. Will update when more information becomes available.  I stand corrected as my visa runs out March 29th.:shock: I got a visa this year because I was advised if I were involved in an accident or legal process it could get touchy with no visa?

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