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 Posted: Sun Jan 5th, 2020 08:09 pm
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I am thinking that Saturday will be 'partly' the 'Derby'. The big fish Saturday jackpot will be 1,000 pesos for a boat entry, $50 for those entered in the tournament. You don't have to enter the tournament to do the Derby. So, not $20 for everyone on the boat. Hopefully some of the Saturday party boats and one day warriors will participate, and around $800-1200 will be split among the three top fish. I was thinking that fish tacos and shirts would be available Saturday, with the typical music and party at Hammerheads, and money distributed that afternoon. Cumulative fish are still the same Saturday, and will continue Sunday, along with the Sunday big fish. Probably fish burgers Sunday for angler entrants, and the same Hammerheads party and menu through the afternoon until 7:00-8:00 when meals are done, commencing with awards. I think that Vive Real Estate will help with registration and registration forms. Vive and Coldwell Banker can assist anyone with rentals. Hope to see you at the 5:00 Friday registration at Hammerheads. Anyone coming in late can PM me to register.

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