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 Posted: Mon Dec 16th, 2019 01:48 am
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I still have no idea of what kind of facilities are available.  I suppose a pneumothorax can be handled in any hospital, don't ever expect to be doing deco dives so I guess a chamber is not required.  I bet there might be one in Hermosillo - Hyperbaric treatment at a burn center maybe?  I will not be diving past 120 ever (doubtful-did all that when I was young), more recreational 30-60, maybe 90 after I get back in the saddle and find a dive buddy.  Used to live and dive in Guam, Philippines & Hawaii.  Pretty much a dive rat.  Much younger and in better shape then.  Now that I am retiring (April 2020) and will be out on my boat more I am looking forward to a little diving on occasion.  Have been coming down since 2004, stopped dragging my trailerable and bought my large (to me) sailboat in 2014.  Have enjoyed fishing, gunkholing & fixing it up.  Now time to enjoy the fruits of the labor (always work to do on the boat...).  Might be up for looking for a dive buddy that would like to do some sailing too....  It's a nice boat, 36 feet, very comfortable.  Nice sugar scoop transom for a dive platform.  PM me if you are interested.