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 Posted: Wed Nov 13th, 2019 02:07 pm
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RichD wrote: This thread was about what the market is like. I think this winter season will tell if there is a difference in visitors. It seems like new buyers are developed after spending a few winters here. My observation without facts is that Mexican citizens are buying ocean front and properties on the Algodones side more than nicer homes in the Ranchitos. In any market, over priced homes do not sell. In this market I think you have to price a home below replacement cost unless the location is, there are at least 2 of us who believe what you just posted! 
a majority of all the new start homes are occurring where you described! subdivisions which have been here for about 20 years are filling their remaining lots with new homes, primarily with Mexican buyers!
the existing developers and new ones are finishing the infrastructure for completely new subdivisions! these where all contemplated and started only a few years back.
what the market will be finishing this year, is certain. what it will be for the coming years will only be speculation! what is profoundly evident is the Mexican buyer is the strongest prospect!

* there is still our biggest unresolved problem of water!
* our electrical substation is probably not up to the task of all these new homes
* west of the Bajia all the sewage is on private systems
* bullshipper is indicating Mexico is in recession, googling it only verifies his post!

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