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 Posted: Tue Nov 12th, 2019 03:44 pm
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TrueBlue wrote:
Americans' fear of Mexico travel has been present for at least a decade.  That's when comments from friends about our safety in Mexico and their refusal/reluctance to join us as a result became pretty consistent and also when we noticed our short-term vacation rentals at our house start to drop.  The short-term rentals completely dried up 5 years ago.  I really don't think comments on forums have any impact whatsoever.  It's how the situation is portrayed in the news north of the border, and especially the non-stop "Mexico is evil and full of violent cartels/people" coverage on Fox News and from Trump which targets the same demographic who are the non-Mexican homebuyers in San Carlos (older white retirees or near-retirees).

nobody has a crystal ball as to what the future holds.  The security situation in the entire country is rapidly deteriorating, just not too much in San Carlos.  

The bottom line is that fears of the bottom dropping out of the San Carlos real estate market due to the loss of American buyers aren't very realistic as there are more Mexican buyers out there.  I would only start to worry if the Mexican/global economy went into the toilet.
trueblue, this was well written!
i don't think anybody has expressed or feels "the bottom dropping out of the San Carlos real estate"! most savvy investors are aware of ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys! 

i have stated that the demographics have noticeably change over the last 4 years! 
the predominate buyers are Mexican citizens! MOST coming from Hermosillo and Obregon! these new buyers are basically the same as the old NOB buyers, THEY ARE USUALLY for 2nd/vacation homes!
there was a post on an other thread, stating high percentage of the massive growth in Hermosillo comes from cartel money! the assumption could also be made here!

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