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 Posted: Mon Nov 11th, 2019 11:48 pm
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kiteboarder wrote: Bullshipper, the number of readers of the two English forums pales in comparison to the number of Spanish speaking people that read the newspapers and listen to the constant barrage on the radio stations. The people that I know also share news through WhatsApp and Facebook more than we do. They are well aware of the problems. But, you are right that they have fewer options. And, I believe that Mexicans are better at enjoying themselves, period.

Oh yeah, I got it.

I think the US press is filled with crime stories about Mexico Don. Then when they come here to rent and look around, the see attractive prices, nice folks, but read the English forums and socail media too. They they go back to the states to mull over their buying options and everyone their says why put yourself in danger, because they read its so bad around here.

You live here, so tell me, are you afraid for your life and property, even now, when its really out of control? Me? I personally trust looking out my window to see if its going to rain over a forecast published in Boulder Colorado.